Sweepstakes Coupons and Databases

100 First Hit Sweepstakes Coupons and 100 Gamblers Database for $500
300 First Hit Sweepstakes Coupons and 300 Gamblers Database for $1,000
$500 for 300 Database Leads
$1,000 for 800 Database

Sweepstakes Leads are the most effective leads you can get. We offer the best leads available; our leads are new, fresh and hot, 1-to-15-day old leads are our specialty. Sweepstakes leads continue to lead the market with their responsiveness when used for telemarketing and mailing programs. Coupons and Databases, from lottery and, sweepstakes players will help you expand your business. Nothing helps you get a higher Return on your Investment then Hot Fresh Leads. You will rake in piles of cash for you and your team.

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